Industrial rubber plate wear-resistant rubber floor cloth rubber mat

Short Description:

Industrial rubber plate wear-resistant rubber floor cloth rubber mat:

Anti slip and shock absorption/ strong noise reduction/ not easy to deform/ cut at will/ good tension/ moisture and heat preservation

  • material: rubber
  • application: Factory Mechanical Equipment Stadium Port Freight Car Air conditioning Electrical Ground
  • authentication: SGS
  • Transport packaging: tray
  • Specifications: 1x1/2x2/1x2/1x1.5 custom
  • trademark: No trademark
  • origin: Shandong, China
  • Min: 50
  • cha: Strong toughness/ crack resistance/ tensile strength,/waterproof and thermal insulation
  • Texture: Flat( can be customized)
  • Clamp layer: 1~8
  • Thickness: 6-50mm
  • weight: 1mx1mx6mm=11kg
  • workmanship: Vulcanization molding
  • Production Capacity: 100000pieces/Month
  • Product Detail

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    Cloth clamping rubber plate: the rubber layer is added with grid glass fiber cloth, cotton thread, cotton cloth and other materials, which enhances the toughness, firmness and tension of the rubber plate. At the same time, the crack resistance is greatly enhanced, the product is not easy to deform, which improves the acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and the service life is increased. At the same time, the cloth clamping rubber plate is moisture-proof and thermal insulation, providing better protection for livestock in winter. The product can be designed with a variety of anti-skid lines, such as hemp lines, corrosion lines, and grid lines, Dot pattern, turtle back pattern, etc., designed according to customer needs. We have different glass fiber mesh cables for customers to choose from. It can be used on factory floor, mechanical equipment, sports venues, airports, ports, ships, docks, freight cars, air conditioning bottom, ground, farms and other places!

    Maximum width of product: 2m

    Length, thickness, glass fiber thread, number of wire clamping layers can be customized!












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