New Year’s Message –Mr. Lei Changchun, Vice President & Secretary General of CRIA

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At the turn of year of xinchou and Renyin, we would like to extend our warmest greetings and best wishes to all the people concerned and friends who have been caring and supporting our work and the development of rubber industry for a long time.

Looking back to 2021, the rubber industry is undoubtedly the most challenging year.  The world economy continues to slow down, the COVID-19 epidemic keeps recurring, and the downward pressure on the economy keeps increasing.  The whole rubber industry has overcome difficulties, grasped opportunities, met challenges, promoted transformation and upgrading, forged ahead, and emerged in the sun.

As domestic epidemic prevention and control achievements are stable and market demand continues to recover, the rubber industry is developing steadily and improving.  Rubber enterprises continue to promote green development, and gradually integrate green design, green raw materials, green factories, green supply chain and green process into the whole life cycle of green products.  Market demand-oriented development and design, the organic combination of technological innovation and management innovation, and constantly improve the core competitiveness;  Actively promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the industry, accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry, and constantly empower the development of the industry;  With the in-depth development of international production capacity cooperation, rubber enterprises have been steadily promoting the “going global” strategy, which has gradually shifted from product export to the integrated output of technology, capital, service and operation.

Looking ahead to 2022, is the development goal of rubber industry, the industry economy steady growth, structural adjustment, technology innovation, effective green development, accelerate the intelligent, digital transformation, enterprise benefit and continue to improve production efficiency, and continuously strengthen industry core competitiveness, to accelerate the development and construction to the high quality rubber industrial powers.

Seek progress while maintaining stability and control risks.  The rubber industry is committed to the new development concept and the policy of seeking progress in stability, based on the requirements of “green, low carbon, safety, environmental protection and energy saving”, attaches importance to the development of differentiated, high value-added products, and strives to promote high-quality development.

Innovation leads development.  We will deepen the development of the independent innovation system, enhance the competitive edge of core technologies, accelerate the development of service-oriented manufacturing, deepen post-market development, apply big data intelligent technology, and grasp and enhance the influence of terminal consumption.  We will promote the industry to move to the higher end of the industrial chain through innovation and the transformation of scientific research achievements.

Sustainable development shapes the brand.  With the change of new marketing mode, enterprises are actively exploring and developing digital marketing business.  Only by attaching importance to brand construction, cultivating and growing brand continuously, and strengthening brand management, can the real value of brand be brought into full play, bringing higher economic benefits and competitive advantages of sustainable development to enterprises.

“Dual carbon” strategy helps adjust.  To optimize the supply chain, workflow and products of enterprises guided by the carbon neutral goal;  Carry out the basic work of carbon reduction and study the total carbon emission of enterprises;  We will strengthen collaborative innovation and build a new green industrial and economic system.

Wintersweet lead all flowers at the beginning of the winter, the wind pack off cold and warm gradually stable.  China celebrate the spring festival, the rubber industry write a new chapter.

Post time: Mar-28-2022